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Rolf Apweiler

Joint Associate Director of EMBL-EBI


EMBL Outstation European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL/EBI)
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Hinxton, Cambridge
CB10 1SD
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1223 494435
Fax: +44 (0)1223 494468

Short biography

Dr. Rolf Apweiler has a PhD in Biochemistry from the Zentrum fuer Molekulare Biologie Heidelberg (ZMBH) and the University of Heidelberg, and is an EMBL Senior Scientist. Dr. Apweiler has been working on the Swiss-Prot protein sequence database since 1987, and in 1994 he became leader of the Swiss-Prot group at the EMBL Outstation European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) in Cambridge. Later he has been leading the Sequence Database Group at EMBL-EBI, and 2007-2012 he was Joint Head of the Protein and Nucleotide Data (PANDA) Group, together with Ewan Birney. The group is actively involved in many international collaborations and initiatives like the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) Proteomics Standards Initiative (HPSI), which was chaired by Dr. Apweiler 2002-2005. In 2012, he was made Joint Associate Director of EMBL-EBI, and together with Ewan Birney has strategic oversight of all EMBL-EBI services. He is a member of several more committees, review panels and advisory boards, including the Nomenclature Committee of IUBMB (the “Enzyme Commission”), the FlyBase advisory board, the Scientific Committee of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Human Proteome Resource (HPR) program in Sweden. Dr. Apweiler is also editor of the FEBS Journal, Section Editor of BMC Bioinformatics, and serves on several more editorial or advisory boards of other scientific journals. He has published 240 papers and book chapters and is a frequent invited speaker for lectures and tutorials at universities, companies, and conferences. Dr. Apweiler is involved in a number of national and international collaborations with industry and academic research organisations, and his work is supported by national and international funding agencies.


The Protein and Nucleotide Database Group (PANDA) provides all the sequence resources at EMBL-EBI, from DNA through to Protein and encompassing the associated databases, such as genome databases (e.g. Ensembl), protein families (e.g. InterPro), protein function (e.g. UniProt), proteomics (e.g. IntAct), ontologies (e.g. GO), and pathways (e.g. Reactome). The manually annotated data resources are complemented by well-evaluated automated systems to provide optimum coverage of knowledge space. Also, locally installable database and analysis systems for complex data types are developed, like UniProt-DAS and PRIDE. The PANDA group is jointly headed by Dr. Rolf Apweiler and Dr. Ewan Birney. The philosophy of the PANDA team is to capture, organise and interpret sequence-related data, providing all information freely to all groups in a variety of formats, including user friendly web sites. Wherever possible, we aim to collaborate with other groups worldwide with similar aims.

Selected publications

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